The 2013 Riders Challenge







Can you help by taking part in the Riders Challenge?

Ride with the Pink Ribbon Riders® through the Riders Challenge by riding in honor and in memory…You can ride your skate board, bicycle, motorcycle or anything you ride! 

The Riders Challenge is an online fundraising event and  is not to be combined with any other event that the PRR hosts.



Goal of the Riders Challenge:

Help the Pink Ribbon Riders® (PRR) raise funds to direct provide financial assistance to both men and women diagnosed with breast cancer while riding in honor and in memory! By participating in the Riders Challenge you are helping the organization with an online based fundraiser opposed to the cost of the Pink Ribbon Riders hosting an event with costs and expenses.

This Challenge enables more of the funds raised go to the PRR mission instead of the overhead costs to running a physical live event!

Rules & Rewards of the Challenge:
See here.


How to participate:

 1. Register online with PRR for the challenge.

Registration is free! You will be eligible for additional thank you gifts.

2. Create your own fundraising page when you register.
You can send emails to friends and family and they can make online donations. They will receive a receipt right away! You will be able to track your donations through the online system.

3. Reminder this is not to be combined with other PRR events. This is not the Snow Run Events. So please make sure you are registering for the correct fundraiser.


Ideas to help you fund raise:

* Be creative and ask people to make a donation to you by how many miles or hours per day you ride this winter!

* Ask friends, family, co-workers, and people in your social networking to make a donation for a good cause.

* Can you put a donation jar at a local business in town?

* For more ideas, see our Fundraising Tips Sheet.


Why participate:

The warm fuzzy feeling that you are helping patients in need and Ride in honor and in memory! The Riders Challenge also offers a Rewards Program for the level of donations you raise.


The Results of the Riders Challenge:

Pink Ribbon Riders will announce a top fundraiser on the Pink Ribbon Riders website May 1st.




2013 Riders challenge Top Fundraiser:

Coming Soon….


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