2nd Annual Colorado Snow Run

Registration is now CLOSED
If you have missed registering for this event, please email stephanie@pinkribbonriders.com for help!

The Snow Run is a two day event open to both men and women, including a
welcome party, snowmobile ride(s), awards banquet and more.

Snow Run Includes – Two (2) days of Fun!
*Open to First 90 Riders to Sign up*

Snow Run participants will receive two days on fun including a custom PRR collectors patch and below:

Friday Includes:

  • Friday Welcome Party
  • Appetizers
  • Contests
  • Music
  • Fish bowl fundraiser.
Saturday Includes:

  • Organized snowmobile ride
  • Lunch & Dinner banquet
  • Ride is 60 to 100+ miles based on riding groups.
  • Groups are based on rider ability, and have a trail leader & sweeper.
  • Each rider group is broken into 10-15 riders.
  • Silent & Live Auctions, Door prizes, contests and giveaways
  • Fundraising Rewards Pledge Program
  • Top Fundraiser recognized

Two (2) Ways to Participate:

1. Register for the entire two day snow run event. Registration is per person. ( Not per sled!)

    • Two Day Event Registration – $150.00 per person
    • Registration Deadline 3 weeks prior to event, if not full first.

2. Purchase a Friday Only
Welcome Party Ticket. – $35.00

  • Register online! It’s fast and easy. You can start your email fundraising campaign today!
  • Customize your emails and have donors receive automatic receipts.


Awareness Sled Decorating Contest:

(Saturday morning)Participants help create awareness of breast cancer to both men and women by decorating their snowmobiles. An award will be given for the best sled on Saturday evening. This is a tradition to the event. Open to all.

Bra Decorating Contest:
(Friday evening) Decorating a bra is another tradition to the Snow Run, be creative and lets see what you got! Contest done on Friday night. An award will be given for the best bra. Contest open to All.

2013 Pledge Rewards Program:

The Pledge Rewards Program is open to all participants and we encourage you to participate! We encourage all participants to goal themselves to raise $500.00 in pledges, which is equal to one person helped through the PRR Patient Assistance Program. For all the details click here.

Additional Incentives:

  • Pink Ribbon Riders offers an optional pledge program that we hope people will participate in. The day of registration cost is based on the costs to run the event and that we do not require a “minimum” amount of pledge to be raised to attend the event, or hold you responsible to raise a designated amount to participate. So we hope that you will consider the optional program as this is how PRR raises the majority of funds needed to help patients in need!
  • Create a team name with your group of friends. The team that has the most amount of funds raised in total will be recognized. See the website for more details.
  • Optional pledge program offered with incentive gifts and the 500 Snow Run Club level.
  • Refer new participants – the person with the most referrals that attends
    the event will receive a prize!
  • Any person that reached the 500 level in 2012, that doubles their total from the 2012 year will be placed in additional prize drawing.

Minimum Age Limit for the Snow Run:

  • You must be 15 years of age or older to participate in the Snow Run.
  • You must have a safety certificate to drive your own snowmobile per the state in which you are participating.
  • Under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and cannot ride in the Hooter Haulers Group. They must ride in the same group as the parent. You must have legal guardian paperwork with you the day of event.
  • Pink Ribbon Riders reserves the right to deny an underage person to ride in the event if they do not have a proof of age and safety certificate at any Snow Run event.

Cancellation Policy for Snow Run Events:

The Snow Runs will go forward no matter what mother nature throws at us….we don’t cancel!


We will communicate with all registered participants through email a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event if bad snow conditions are present. The event does not cancel and we will continue the 2 day event with substitutions to the activities. An email with full agenda will be emailed to all participants 2 weeks prior to the event.

All questions for the Snow Run events should be emailed.

We will provide an event that will be fun for all, while keeping the cause in mind of raising funds for those in need.

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