Patient Assistance Program

Program Purpose and Mission:

The Assistance Program is made available to provide emergency direct financial support for men and women currently diagnosed with breast cancer in current treatment (chemo, radiation, surgery or awaiting surgery). The program is for patients that are behind on medical bills or need financial assistance because the disease of breast cancer has impacted them financially and become a financial burden.

The program gives financial support in the form of a gift card to patients in states in which the Pink Ribbon Riders fundraise in through their volunteers and donor support. The funds stay in the states in which we fundraise in. The mission and the program was created to help those in financial need by people helping people right in their own communities.

Our hopes are to make the days less stressful by helping with expenses faced during that time.

The Gift of financial assistance:  

  • The gift of emergency financial assistance is available for men and women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer and must be in current treatment.
  • Each applicant may apply once in a lifetime.
  • The gift is given in the amount of $500.00 in a gift card format if you are accepted.

Summary of the Program:

  • To be considered you must fill out the pre application screening form to be considered to apply.
  • You must meet all 4 eligibility requirements. (Financial stress, US Citizen, Must reside in a program state)
  • You must be currently undergoing breast cancer treatments (chemo, radiation, surgery or awaiting surgery) to apply. (*Metastatic breast cancer maybe considered at the discretion of the review committee)
  • A  completed application is not a guarantee of receiving the emergency financial gift.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • All items, attachments and paperwork must be received at one time.

How we are able to give the gifts:

  • The program is available due to the generosity of our donors and the volunteers that help with our fundraising events.
  • Pink Ribbon Riders is a small organization of 6 or less people behind the scenes, it is through their dedication and passion to help others that helps to make the program possible.
  • The committee reserves the right to distribute assistance amounts based on funds available at the time.

Before proceeding to the  NEXT STEP please review the below requirements;  please do not proceed if you do meet ALL 4 requirement:

 #1  – You must reside in one of the states below:

Colorado Minnesota North Dakota
WI_55_00-[Converted]_GreyWisconsin Wyoming

States listed below are accepting applications but are limited due to funding. Please review the areas we are not accepting before applying:

 *Michigan – Limited

  *Not accepting patients from the Detroit area

*New York – Limited

 * Not accepting patients from the NYC, Staten Island or Long Island area   

check counties here

#2  – Be  a US Citizen and be able to provide documentation. 

  • See the right side of this page for:  Definitions and Examples of what you need.

#3  – You must be in “Current” treatment for breast cancer receiving:

  • Current treatment is defined as: Receiving chemo, radiation or awaiting your surgery or going thru surgery. You are recently diagnosed involved in one the treatments named.

#4  – You must be in financial need. 

  • The program was created for a patient that is experiencing financial stress because of their diagnosis.
  • Examples:
  • Has your income been decreased due to your diagnosis.
  •  Are you behind on medical bills or household bills because you have acquired bills or extra gas costs to get to treatments?
  • Does your medical insurance not pay for all your medical needs and they will be more than you can afford?
  • Has your car broke down and you can not get to treatments or surgery?
  • Are you driving a far distance to treatments and your gas expenses have gone up?
  • Do you need a wig or medical supplies that you can not afford at this time?
  • You will need to show us your financial need, not just tell us about it. All details are provided in the next step.


  • * If we are in a closed period see our Application Schedule on the right side of page to see when our next open period will be.
  •  * If your state has reached maximum capacity, please return during the next open period.


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