Snowmobile friends Alia Brown and Jody McKay organized the 1st Tug Hill Snow Run in March of 2005. The ride was started in memory of friend Kelly Shires, who passed away very early in life from Breast Cancer. On a promise to Kelly in 2004 the girls would bring a ride like hers to the US like that she had started in Canada 7 years ago…

The mission of the ride in Canada is to provide support to women in need of financial assistance for treatments and more. So the same mission was brought the Snow Runs but has expanded to help men and women that are diagnosed.

Kelly’s battle did end in October of 2004, prior to the March 2005 ride… But the ride in her memory was a success, raising close to $2,500 and donated to the Roswell Cancer Institute of NY.

“We will ride every year to honor those that fight their battles everyday and to those that we will never forget, the true survivors like Kelly and so many others…”

“We both share struggles with Breast Cancer in our own families and this event helps us share with others, a way to help those in need. It’s a way of bringing people closer together on a community level, as many of us know, this is a disease that affects more than just the person with the diagnosis.”

“Without this event we would never have met some of the wonderful people we now know today.”

~Alia & Jody

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