Event Fundraising Tips

Here are some ideas and thoughts that may help in your fundraising. Thank you for your support!

Online Registration – By registering online fundraising is made simple. You can create your own email event page to
send to all of your friends and family around the US! Those who wish to donate to you will be able to
do so by using a credit card and designating right to you!

Coin Jar Campaign – Do you have a business or a local business in town that would let you put a coin jar on the
counter? We have made it simple and have a packet you can get from us and you just have to customize your
coin jar! Each State has a custom coin jar flyer. Visit the Snow Run page for the link.

Snowflake Pin Up Campaign – Visit local business owners to see if they will sell the Snowflake Pin up’s for $1 in their establishment. You will need to submit a copy of the snowflake pin up contract to Pink Ribbon Riders, and give a copy to the business owner. The pin up packet contains the snowflake pin up template, so you can print as many copies as you need. Each State has a custom pin up packet. Visit the Snow Run page for the link.

Bear Campaign – Check our website for the cute little bears that you can sell to help raise pledges!

Pledge Sheet:

Always get your family and friends to write their sponsorship amount on the pledge sheet first-they tend to be the most generous and they set the standard for everyone who sees the form after.

Always carry change with you when presenting your pledge sheet. This will make easier for
your sponsor and less likely to turn you down.


  1. Send an article and photo to your local newspaper, town newsletter, snowmobile club, school or
    church group. Make sure to include how they can donate with your contact
  2. Approach colleagues at work, employer, local companies you may have links to or ask them to do
    a small fundraiser jar or campaign for you if time allows.
  3. Matching Funds- Do you work for an employer that has matching funds? Ask for any forms needed and submit to the organization.
  4. Ask family and friends to help you fund raise, make copies of your pledge sheet and attach a personal letter from you asking for support and your personal reason why you are involved.
  5. Ask clients, suppliers or customers that may support you in your business world. Contact them by fax, email or correspondence.
  6. Ask a local business to do coin jars or even a guess the jelly bean contest. All guess are a $1.00 and proceeds go to your fundraising efforts. The closets one wins the jar of jelly beans. And ask the local business to donate a gift card to help in the efforts.
  7. Email campaign. Personalize your involvement to all that you keep in touch with and let them know of the event and your fundraising goal.
  8. Raffle a basket of goods off at your hair salon. Ask for permission to place a donated item or basket at your hair salon. Make simple tickets on the computer and ask for the receptionist to assist you for one month in selling tickets.
  9. Jeans for Awareness. Are you the boss? Or can you ask your boss to approve donations of $5 or $10 dollars and your co workers get to wear jeans for the day.
  10. Bake sale office party: have a bake sale or office party. Would your church or employer let you do a bake sale? How about an office lunch. Make chili and chips for lunch and instead of going out to lunch. $5 donation gets you a home cooked bowl of chili and helps support your fundraising!
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