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*We will respond to all emails within 24 hours.  

* We are located in the eastern time zone. 

* Standard office work days are Monday – Thursday – 9am to 5pm.

* We are often on the road on Fridays raising money for the cause!

* So please give us till Monday mid day to email you back.


Our Mailing Address:

Pink Ribbon Riders

5420 Beckley Rd, Suite 334

Battle Creek, MI 49015


QUESTIONS we are often asked:

1. Is there a Pink Ribbon Riders phone number?

Answer: No, sorry! At this time we do not have a phone number. We are trying to keep the staff very small and more money going to the cause. Please help us and let us know anything we can answer you by email. This lets us mutli task on more things during the work day.

2. I am a patient and have not heard back from you about my application?

Answer: Reminder, it takes up to 6 weeks from the time we receive your hard application in the mail. And we are based in Michigan, so the mail can take up to 5 days from your house to us! Please note that if you are missing something in your application, we will send you a letter or an email.

3. I am a patient, will you tell me when you receive my application?

Answer: Sorry, no we cannot get in touch with everyone that sends us an application. We just have to many to process and that would make the wait even longer. BUT, we will tell you if you are missing anything. And once your application is complete and approved we will notify you that your assistance is on the way.

4. How much money actually goes to the cause?

Answer: In 2012-2013  (June to June) the Pink Ribbon Riders are 83% to the cause.

Did you know?

Each $500.00 gift given to a patient in need costs the PRR an additional $8 to $15 to make happen. The fiscal year for the PRR is  June to June and we file our  year end information in December of that year. So look back here every January or so and we will post the new information for the year.

* There are many things we can not get donated and each year is tougher and tougher.We would love to be 100% to the cause, but please know that there are things like insurance, event permits, government licenses and filings that we must do to stay an organization that we will never be able to get donated. We thank you for letting us share this information.

5. Does Pink Ribbon Riders have chapter offices near me? 

Answer: No, we are a very small organization with less than 5 employees. Our goal is to stay as small as we can so more funds can go to those in need. We simply do not raise enough funds in the states in which we currently help to support an office or chapter. By functioning the way we do, and with help of volunteers in each state we aim to be 80% or higher to the cause each year.  The PRR works with all the state and government agencies to be an approved and recognized non profit organization in each state in which we fundraise in and give to those in need. Volunteers are very important to us, please let us know by emailing us if you would like to help.

6. I am raising pledges for a Pink Ribbon Riders event, and I am not in the State if Michigan where PRR is based. I have been told no to gaining support as the businesses or person said PRR is not based in this state. How do I overcome this?

Answer: Yes, we are incorporated in the state of Michigan but we are a nationally recognized 501 C 3 Non Profit organization that is allowed to raise and distribute funds in the state in which we host an event. So if you read the question and answer above, we may not have an office in the state, but we are not required to by law to. And we can still help the residents of the state that are in need. Our program is very different from most and it will take you to show them our information so they can see how the funds are given to the residents of your state.

We hold solicitation licenses in the states that require us to and we also file each state governments tax returns that are required. SO we ARE a charity in that state if we are hosting an event.

 7. I have purchased something from your online store and want to return or have a question?

Answer: Please see the PRR online store, there is a TAB on the top of the page that says Returns and an email there to contact the store. We would be happy to work with you as long as the item is still and un worn.

8. I am attending an event and I have questions!

Answer: Please look at the individual event page on the PRR website. We have made sure to put all the information you will need to answer about the event. But if you still have questions, or want to connect with us direct, please use the CONTACT US  button above, and drop us an email. We will email you back and make sure to put your phone number as we will call you if specific information is required to make you have an incredible event experience with us.

9. I would like to make a donation. Are donations tax deductible?

Answer: Yes, Pink Ribbon Riders is a 501 C 3 Non profit organization. Please contact us for our tax identification number if you are submitting for a company donation or company match.

10. I am having an event that I would like to donate the money to the PRR, can someone answer questions I have?

Answer: Yes. We actually dedicate an entire page on our website for events or what is called Community Fundraisers. These are fundraisers held by volunteers or communities that donate to Pink Ribbon Riders. Please see the Community Fundraiser Page for more. We would be excited to team with you for the cause!

11. I would like to help volunteer, how do I do that?

Answer: Thank you! Please send us an email thru the CONTACT US button. Please be specific in what your interests are. We look forward to hearing from you!



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