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About the Pink Ribbon Riders Nonprofit Organization

We are a very small nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Behind the scenes are just a few people that work closely with a team of volunteers in each state to help raise funds.

The funds that we raise in the each state through events stay in that state for patients there.  The organization was started to help people directly to offset costs and burdens that happen during their battle. The giving program is called the Patient Assistance Program. It is an immediate care program that was created to help people during their “Current treatment”.  When the first struggles of additional financials arise with anything from gas costs to treatments or bills that become expensive from loss of work during chemo or radiation treatments.

The Pink Ribbon Riders, (PRR) provides financial assistance to both men and women diagnosed with breast cancer in gifts of $500.00.  The gift is given in a gift card format. There is an application process that each patient must complete to be considered.

About us behind the scenes:

There are 2- 3   people behind the scenes helping to make 7 states of giving possible.  We work 5 days to 7 days a week  all year long between working on fundraisers and giving through the Pink Ribbon Riders patient assistance program.  Our main office location is located in Michigan and we do not have offices in other states so that we can keep costs down and more funds going to the cause.

We raise funds through fundraising events that we hold and the generosity of donations from amazing people called donors that believe in what we are doing.

Pink Ribbon Riders is a registered and trademark named. Logos and event names found on this website are also trademarked and are not available for reproduction or use with out the permission from the organization.


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