2018 Snowmobile Raffle Fundraiser

Announcement 2/16/2017-We have sold out of tickets, thank you everyone for your amazing support! If you emailed us today, 2/16/2018, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Watch Tuesday, Feb 20th, on Facebook or right here for the announcement of the winner! Thank you!

Polaris Industries teams with Pink Ribbon Riders for you to win a

2018 Polaris Pink Ribbon Riders Limited Edition Switchback 800 Pro-S Snowmobile!

How much is a ticket?

Tickets for the raffle are $20.00 per chance.

How to get a ticket(s):



You can purchase a ticket right here, online!  Your receipt is your ticket. Or you can choose for us to mail you a hard copy ticket.  There will be a small processing fee that the PRR is charged to do this service for you.  You can share the link with your friends and help us raise funds for the cause!


Mail in a check and self addressed stamped envelope with this FORM to:

Pink Ribbon Riders, 5420 Beckley Road, Suite 334, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

We will then mail your ticket to you!


When is the drawing and how many tickets are offered?

The winning ticket will be drawn on:  Tuesday, February 20th @ 6:30pm Eastern Time.

There are 1,500 tickets printed.

And 100% of the proceeds go to the Pink Ribbon Riders!

Thank you to Polaris for donating the sled and thank you to LBL Printing for donating the tickets.

  • We do have costs in mailing the ticket to you if you choose to purchase through the form or buy online and  want the hard copy mailed to you.  Please know we are also charged a credit card processing fee that we have applied.
  • BULK tickets- If you are going to purchase more than 3 tickets online.. please email us and we can manually over the phone do your order and reduce the processing fees.  info@pinkribbonriders.com  SUBJECT – BULK SLED TICKETS

If I win the raffle, how will I know?

Woo hoo!  😉

PRR will call the winner the night the ticket is drawn.

  • We will also post the winners’ name on the PRR Facebook page on the Monday evening following the drawing.
  • And the winner will be listed on this page.

What are the winner’s responsibilities?

First, we hope you are excited and doing a celebration dance!

You would have just won an awesome new snowmobile!  Seriously though, the winner will be responsible for all registration and taxes and  delivery or pick up costs  and arrangements of your new snowmobile! Pink Ribbon Riders organization is based in Battle Creek, Michigan. So we will need you to make arrangements to come visit us and pick it up or you can make arrangements again at your cost for a delivery company.

Please know that we still have events at this time of the year and will be traveling for the organization, so you may not be able to come the next day!

What happens if the winner does not claim their prize?

Pink Ribbon Riders will make several attempts to call the winner and email the winner. We will also certify mail the winner to the address they provide on their ticket if we do not make phone contact.

  • If no address or any of the communication methods were not filled out or illegible, we will rely on the rules and answers here on this website that publicly notifies the winner; by us posting it on public media of : 1) The Pink Ribbon Riders Facebook Page and 2.) the PRR website page on the top of this page. If all these attempts have been made and the 1st chosen winner does not claim their prize in  14 days of  the drawing date, then a new winning ticket will be drawn and announced.
  • And the rules will follow for the runner up winner.


Pink Ribbon Riders Raffle Lisc#R43607





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